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Prices: Australian Dollars

A5 Cover Set Trad Lyon

Product Code: SET-A5-LYON
A5 Cover Set Trad Lyon

Product Information

 Carton de Lyon was the original cover material for Atoma notebook, more than 70 years ago.  It is brightly coloured, durable, and substantial.  We have ready-built Trad Lyon notebooks, but here,  we are talking about just the covers so you can build your own notebook with discs and contents selected to suit your particular instantaneous need.

Note: Atoma's A5 covers are not true A5 - they are wider than standard A5, but the perfect size for our wider-than-A5 paper and all accessories listed as A5-compatible.

Covers are sold in a set containing a front cover and a back cover.  For one book, you need one, not two.

To create the notebook of your dreams, you will need some (but preferably all) of these:

Go to town!

Yes, yes, I know - the illustration shows the covers built into books.  What you are buying here is just the covers.


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