Atoma Online Store - Closed for Holidays!

Well, it's good news for us, at least...

Reopening Thursday 3rd May 2018

for shipping Thursday 10th May

You know how you go to a restaurant that you really like, then you go back to it and there is a sign that says "Closed for Renovations" but really they mean that they have just plain closed?  Well this is not like that.  We really are on a holiday.  We will be back in May all bright-eyed and bushy tailed.

If you want a heads-up when we come back, send us an email at  We will let you know when we are back on the air.

Atoma Disk-Bound Notebooks - Reorganise, Remove, Replace and Refill!

Atoma's binding system lets you move pages with no catches, latches, clicks, bangs or bites!

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A4, A5, A6, A7 size notebooks
Traditional, Techno, Tutti-Frutt, BioAtoma and Pur Leather styles
Lined, blank, squared, dotted and music stave rulings in white or cream paper
Dividers, pockets, bookmark rulers, CD wallets
Project books with tabbed dividers and pocket pages in oversized covers, display books, business card files
Covers and discs to build your own custom notebooks that suit your particular weird taste...


We re-open on the 3rd of May!  See you then! 

Techno notebooks