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CD Pocket Page

Product Code: 41590P In Stock
CD Pocket Page

Product Information

 A CD pocket page allow you to clip a CD in a secure, data-friendly wallet into your Atoma notebooks.  People who have time for that sort of thing tell us they also work with DVDs and Blu-Rays**.  We have tried them with audio cassetes which also fit, kinda.  We await reports on 8-tracks.  Reel-to-reel tapes are pretty definitely a non-starter.

And of course, it can be used to fatten your existing Atoma CD Wallet.  You can also buy a Pack of 5 CD Pocket Pages.

CD Pockets have a front pouch for the disc that has as top flap to keep the disk in place and a data-friendly soft paper backing to help prevent scratches from dust.

There is a handy pocket on the back of the page for notes and related paper documents.

**Small business owners, of course, have neither the time nor the money for frivolous entertainment such as this.  Our idea of an quiet night at home is getting the accounts to balance so we can complete the BAS return.


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