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CD Wallet with 6 Pockets

Product Code: 41490 In Stock
CD Wallet with 6 Pockets

Product Information

 Our CD wallet has six pockets because we know you don't have that many CDs and DVDs that you need to store**.

The pockets have a soft toweling-like paper backing that protects the data surface, and a flap to keep the disc in place.

Covers and rings are tough polypropylene, available in black, black, black, black and black.  All cover colours have white rings.

The pockets are punched with standard Atoma disk spacings, so the pages can be inserted into any Atoma book.


** If you DO have many discs to store, we are here to help.  Additional CD pocket pages are availabe here.  You may also want to spring for some bigger discs here (24mm) or here (28mm).


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