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Prices: Australian Dollars

CD Wallets and Pockets - Disc Bound

 Our CD Wallet has 6 pocket pages for CDs and DVDs.  

The pockets have a poiypropylene outer and a paper data back similar to a tough paper towel so the data surface is protected.

Covers and rings are polypropylene and you can have any colour you like provided it is black with white rings.

Pocket refills are also available in packs of 5.  They can be used in any Atoma book.  Ideal for filing your annual tax file backup, and storing the reference copy of your latest video masterpiece with the script and production notes.

CD Wallets and Pockets - Disc Bound
CD Wallet - 6 Pockets

CD Wallet - 6 Pockets

 Our CD wallet has six pockets because we know you don't have that many CDs and DVDs that you need to store. T…


CD Pocket Pages

CD Pocket Pages

CD pocket pages allow you to clip a CD in a secure, data-friendly wallet into your Atoma notebooks. And of course, they…