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Prices: Australian Dollars

Music Manuscript Books - Disc Bound

 Disk-bound Music Manuscript books let you reorder pages to match a set list, add and remove works and pages, replace pages with compositional meanderings that never really resolved...

Our pages have a line for the page title and a line under each stave for lyrics and chords.  They are ideal for songwriters.  Especially songwriters who then have to convey their work to guitarists who never bothered to learn to read music.   Because, you know, there are more than a few of them out there.

A5 Pro Music Manuscript Book

A5 Pro Music Manuscript Book

The Atoma A5 Music Manuscript notebook is has 120 pages of ink-friendly 90 gsm paper.  Each page has seven staves e…


A4 Pro Songwriter's Book

A4 Pro Songwriter's Book

Our A4 Songwriter's book has 120 pages of staves each stave with a line for lyrics and chords.  Each page has 1…