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Attention-seeking Product

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Music Books

Disk-bound Songwriter's Music Notebooks have a line under each stave for lyrics and chords.  

Disc binding lets you work it all out on paper, then copy it to a fresh page and file the drafts elsewhere until the Hard Rock Cafe people ask for them.  Meanwhile, every song looks like it flowed effortlessly off the pen, just like Mozart.  Who?  Oh, he was around before your time.  Like a true music pro, he died young, although he did manage to crawl past 27 to expire at 35.  (Man, that's old - well, in Music Years, it is...)

Our Songwriters Music Notebook comes in Professional covers, because you want to Look Serious in front of the A&R guy.  DON'T cover it with unicorn or gamer stickers. You want respect. Its a Pro cover, so you can look like Pro.  Don't mess it up!  Some nice skulls, maybe.  Or Fender stickers.  But no unicorns.

Music Books
A5 Songwriter's Music Notebook

A5 Songwriter's Music Notebook

Did you ever hear about the songwriter who decided to leave the house for a while?  Put on her Docs, spikey collar …


A4 Songwriter's Notebook

A4 Songwriter's Notebook

Our A4 Songwriter's Notebook has 120 pages of staves and lyric lines.  Each page has 11 staves, and under each …