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Notebooks with Squares

Those of you who fancy squared rulings (and you know who you are) usually have just one choice.

Here at Atoma, we believe that Life Was Not Meant to be Easy, so we offer four options.

5x5 mm Squares

  • 5x5 mm Squares are available in most cover styles in A4 and A5, and in some styles in pocket sizes A6 and A7.  
  • This is the square-size you most often see in proper shops.
  • Some people like it because it is nicely decimal, and <add other reasons here when you think of them.>

4x4 mm Squares

  • 4x4 mm Squares sound like they are insignificantly smaller than 5x5, but do the arithmetic!
  • They are 20% smaller than 5x5!. Twenty Percent!  That's 'uge! What's even more magical, 5x5s are twenty-FIVE percent BIGGER than 4x4!
  • If you are prone to being stuck in long boring meetings, a page of these gives you almost 60% more squares to colour in.
  • However, the real raison d'etre for 4x4 is that two rows of 4mm squares is the same height as the line spacing on our lined pages.
  • - and 4mm is a nice character cell size, so the 4mm columns help to keep your text tidy and your columns of numbers aligned.

4x8 mm Squares

  • Orright, you got me - not actually squares. But "rectangles" is such a kludge of a word - sounds like snide geometrical joke. "Wrecked-angles."  Hmph.
  • This is the ruling used in olden days when spreadsheets were done on a huge sheet of 4x8 paper on the floor by old bald guys crawling around armed with a B2 pencil and an artgum eraser, trying to not smudge the numbers that they had already carefully drawn.
  • If you mess about with numbers, this is your page.

10x10 mm Squares

  • If you likes your squares big and chunky, this is for you.
  • Also gives a lighter, brighter page. Not so much ink on it, and all...

Notebooks with Squares