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Notebooks by Style

 We have two broad styles:

  • Cardboard Covered Notebooks;
  • Polypropylene Covered Notebooks;

Some styles have bright white paper and some have cream - our lovely but not-insanely-expensive 90 GSM chlorine-free, ink-loving paper created by Eurpoeans from farmed trees.  All covers, discs, paper and accessories are recyclable.  They are all highly durable - we have been using the same Atoma notebooks here at Atoma for years - we just keep refilling.  We have never thrown a notebook out because it was full or worn out.  The covers start to develop some patina over time that makes them more endearing, and the information density increases as old, no-longer-relevant pages are replaced with new blank ones.

If you damage a cover or some discs, we can seil you spares in most styles.

Now, lets talk about details:

Cardboard Covers come in four flavours:

  • Carton de Lyon is the traditional cover material, used by Atoma since 1948.  It is a tough coated board (originally waxed, now coated with a more durable polymer) in bright colours plus black.  It is beautiful.  Trad Lyon notebooks have colour-matching rings, except for yellow covers, which sometimes have black rings so we call this option Tiger.)
  • BioAtoma is a recycled board.  Colours are in transition at the moment - our older stock offers a (wine from) Bordeaux red, forest green, pale sand yellow and tree-bark brown.  Newer stock comes in an orangy colour or a light brown, and we could not resist calling them Carrot and Stick.  Bio notebooks have biodegradable rings made from a starch-based material, but fear not - we have been using them for years and provided you don't leave them immersed in water, they last for years.
  • Abstract covers designed by Luc Vincent have a bright pattern on the outside and a white finish on the inside.  The back cover is translucent clear polyproplene.
  • Loden covers are quality cardboard covered on the outside with a plastic felt made from recycled plastic containers.  It is tough and richly coloured.

Polypropylene Covers styles are manifold and universally beautiful:

  • Pro Notebooks are serious, business-like and opaque - Black, Blue, Chestnut, Grey, White and Clear.  White covers are translucent, and come with white rings.  Clear covers are transparent, and come with clear rings.   Both white and clear lend themselves to having a cover page at the front of the book.  Dark print (from a felt-tipped pen or large printed font) will show through nicely.  A bunch of white covered books look good in a stack, but can be distinguised by what you can see through the cover.
  • Exec Notebooks are Professionals that have been promoted - they have the same covers and paper, but with aluminium rings.  Very stylish. 
  • Techno covers are bright and translucent, coloured Red, Blue, Lime green, Purple, Orange and Turquoise.  Orange has been superceded, so if you like it, buy up now!  Techno notebooks have matching coloured translucent rings.
  • Tutti-Frutti notebooks are a variant on Techno, but with mixed-coloured rings.  They are, basically, loud.
  • Fluo notebooks have a cover that is even brighter than Techno, and contrasting rings.
  • Stripey notebooks come in Green, Black, Blue and Orange, with a white horizontal stripe and rings that match the non-white stripe colour

Notebooks by Style