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Prices: Australian Dollars

A4 Professional Notebook with White 5x5 Squared Pages

Product Code: 41473
A4 Professional Notebook with White 5x5 Squared Pages

Product Information

A4 Professional notebook with opaque polypropylene covers , matching plastic discs and 120 pages of 90 gsm white 8mm paper ruled with a 5mm x 5mm blue-line grid.

The colours shown above (from left to right) are Grey, Black, Clear, Chestnut & Blue  - White is also available.

Note - Colour-Sensitive Pricing!

We are overstocked on White and and Clear so we have knocked a couple of bucks off them.

We are completely out of Black but we will build you one from parts for an extra couple of bucks.  The couple of bucks pays for the assembly (which is kinda fun) and the bizarro extra accounting that happens when we build something from bits (which is totally unfun.)   Since you are paying the extra bucks, you can request non-matching (but always plastic) discs.  Just tell us in the "Notes or Comments" section of the Payment page or send back your order-acknowledgement email with your recipe  Feel free to go to town - ("Two black discs, one white, one green, one white, remainder black" - so your notebook is readily found at the Check In Your Weapons counter of your local speak-easy.)

Alternatlvely you can buy the parts (CoversDiscs and Refills) and build it yourself.  This lets you choose different disc and colour covers (chestnut covers with blue discs, for example, are particularly fine.  Black or Grey with White also looks nice.)  Check the freight though, it might be cheaper to get it built and sent as a large letter.


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