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A4 Songwriter's Notebook

Product Code: 41434
A4 Songwriter's Notebook

Product Information

Our A4 Songwriter's Notebook has 120 pages of staves and lyric lines.  Each page has 11 staves, and under each stave there is a line for lyrics, cords and angst.  The covers and discs are tough blood-sweat-and-tears-resistant polypropylene.  (Blood, Sweat and Tears - is that a good name for a band?) The paper is very nice (90 gsm, chlorine free) but it is still paper, so try to keep songwriter's bodily fluids off it as much as you can.  And use a water-resistant ink.

Songwriter's refills are available in the Refills section, here.  You'll probably need a bunch of them and if you buy 'em all at once, you save on postage so you have to starve less, so, y'know? buy bulk.

Because this is a discbound notebook, you can insert pages anywhere, and stash your false starts until they're worth something ("Looking at these pages, you can see the heartache, the effort, the shear strenght of will that <your name here> bought with his very soul from the Devil at the crossroads way back in 2023." Killgore Strangways, AlterNation, July 2038)

Reorder your pieces to match your playlist, insert lined, squared and blank pages for production notes, stage directions, choreography, critical commentary, and, of course, your press clippings and "🎶The Cover of The Rolling Stone🎵."

Colours from left to right are Dark Grey, Black, White, Chestnut and Blue.  We use muted colours so the A&R people will know that You are Serious Talent ("Jake, the kid's serious talent.  Did you see that notebook?  Every tune perfect straight off the pen.  She's a natural."  And don't put any unicorn stickers on it either.  Got that?  No ... Unicorns.

Naturally, musicians look best in black, and therefore we are perpetually out of stock of the black coloured manuscript books.  But Grey is like Black at age 26, just before...  No, don't go there.

Useful accessories:

Have at it! And remember - A&R doesn't wait around all day, so be on time, and try to be sober.


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