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Dream Big! A5

Product Code: 47156-DREAM
Dream Big! A5

Product Information

Kid, lemme tell ya, ya gotta Dream Big.  Ya dream small, ya get small, or probably, nutffn'.  Ya Dream Big - whatcha gotta lose?  Maybe it comes true!.  Maybe it only comes in at half-size, but if you Dream Proper Big, like biggety-bigly big - Yuuuuge! - then half might just be enalf.

Start YOUR Big Dreams today.  Our A5 Big Dreams dream-recorder is handily portable for doodling dreams on the bus, on the tram, or on the back of the handsome prince's dashing white horse* **.

* We cannot guarantee that your writing will be comprehensible later if you write on horseback.

** This is ~my~ dream, but you can use it as a starting point if you want.

Sorry about this but reality calls...

Note: This notebook is wider than true A5.  It is the same height as A5 and 19mm wider to provide a more useful working area.

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The Details:

  • Covers and discs are made from recyclable polypropylene
  • 16mm discs provide good capacity while being easy to pack in bags and briefcases
  • 72 sheets (144 pages) of bright white, chlorine-free paper ruled with 8mm lines and a red margin
  • Strong long fibre paper allows many page moves
  • Paper weight of 90 gsm selected to provide balance between opacity and page count, weight and thickness
  • Paper is formulated to absorb ink well for wet-ink instruments such as fountain pens 
  • Page size is wider than A5 at 210 mm (h) x 167 mm (w) (True A5 is 210x148 mm)
  • Book size is 213 x 178 mm (including discs and cover overhang)
  • Thickness (not including discs) is 10 mm approx.

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