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A5 Traditional Notebook with White 10x10 Squared Pages

Product Code: 41421
A5 Traditional Notebook with White 10x10 Squared Pages

Product Information

Atoma Traditional Notebooks have vibrant coloured cardboard covers with a leather-textured finish.  They are beautiful.  You will love them.  Really.

They have 144 pages of 90gsm chlorine free paper, ruled with 10mm squares.

Colours are Green, Blue, Tiger, Red and beautiful Black.

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The Details:

  • Covers are made from traditional, durable Carton de Lyon, and can be recycled
  • Discs made from recyclable polypropylene
  • 16mm discs provide good capacity while being easy to pack in bags and briefcases
  • 72 sheets (144 pages) of bright white, chlorine-free paper ruled with lines and a red margin
  • Strong long fibre paper allows many page moves
  • Paper weight of 90 gsm balances opacity against page count and the weight and thickness of the book
  • Page size 210 x 165 mm
  • Book size 212 x 177 mm (including discs and cover overhang)
  • Thickness (not including discs) 10 mm approx.

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