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A4 Meeting Book with Cream Meeting Log Pages with 5x5 Squared Notes Area

Product Code: 42023 In Stock
A4 Meeting Book with Cream Meeting Log Pages with 5x5 Squared Notes Area

Product Information

The Atoma Meeting Book is an undated journal.  It is the diary you have when you don't need a diary.  

Let's face it, much of the role of a diary has moved to your mobile devices - address book, calendar, to-do lists.  The Meeting Book provides the home for daily notes - meeting notes, plans and unhatched plottings, and other jottings that might involve other people, result in action lists, and require the thoughtful discretion that is demonstrated by not fiendishly typing into your MacBook Air while the boss is talking and glaring at you.  Not that you notice, of course, because you are busy typing, cutting and pasting...

Atoma's disc binding allows you to remove pages for short-horizon notes while keeping and priority-ordering longer term pages.

The meeting book has black traditional cardboard covers with the Atoma logo embossed on the front cover.  Discs are 16mm black polypropylene.  Paper is 90 gsm cream with excellent ink-handing properties.

Combined with your mobile device, the Atoma Meeting Book provides the complete 21st century diary solution.

The A4 Meeting Book contains:

  • 120 pages (60 sheets) of undated journal pages with space for the date, attendees, location, a 5x5 squared area for notes, and a section for actions arising with checkboxes.
  • A transparent pocket page for 16 business cards
  • A double-sided pocket page for loose notes
  • A bookmark ruler

Useful accessories for your Meeting Book


  • Covers made from heavy black cardboard with embossed logo
  • Discs made from recyclable polypropylene
  • 16mm discs provide good capacity while being easy to pack in bags and briefcases
  • Cream-coloured paper crafted to play nicely with fountain pens.
  • Strong long-fibre paper allows many page moves
  • Paper weight of 90 gsm balances opacity against page count and the weight and thickness of the book
  • Page size 297 x 210 mm
  • Book size 299 x 223 mm (including discs and cover overhang)
  • Thickness (not including discs) 10 mm approx.

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