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A4 Pur Natural Leather with Cream 5x5 Squared Pages

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A4 Pur Natural Leather with Cream 5x5 Squared Pages

Product Information

The Notebook

Pur Leather A4 Notebook with natural leather cover, 20mm aluminium discs and 144 pages of cream paper, ruled with 5x5mm squares without margin.  The Pur Leather Notebook is the result of a collaboration between Atoma and Reutertassen, one of the great Belgian leather goods houses.

The Cover

The notebook has a high quality leather cover with a beautiful smooth finish on the outside and a fine suede finish on the inside, with a matching stitched border.  The leather is about 2.5 mm thick and needs no artificial reinforcement.  The front cover free of all branding, and the back cover has the logos discretely embossed with no added colour - the Atoma logo is centred on the bottom edge and Ruitertassen logos is in the centre against the discs, just in case someone asks.

The Paper and the Discs

The book is bound by 20mm Aluminium Discs and filled with 144 pages of 90gsm cream paper ruled with feint grey lines.  This weight of paper has been chosen to keep the notebook as light and as slim as possible while holding a useful number of pages.  The long fibres of this select-grade paper provides a quality feel that matches heavier grades, but allows more pages in a given thickness.  The finish of the paper is designed to perform well for writing instruments, including wet-ink pens such as fountain pens and fibre-tips. If, in an emergency, you find yourself forced to borrow a ball-point, the paper will unnderstand and perform brilliantly just the same.


Refills are available here.  You might also want a Bookmark Ruler or some Dividers.

The Package

The book is presented wrapped in a linen bag in an acetate box making it an ideal gift for someone you really respect, such as yourself.

A Note on Usage

The leather is not reinforced in the area of the discs but it is rather thick, so it requires an understaning hand.  Close the book by placing your palm under the centre of the front cover near the discs and lift it around them for a nice smooth action.  This rapidly becomes an instictive part of the enjoyment of your notebook


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