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Prices: Australian Dollars

A4 Fluoro Notebook Lined

Product Code: 42772
A4 Fluoro Notebook Lined

Product Information

These Fluoro notebooks have bright translucent covers with contrasting discs, filled with 144 pages (72 sheets) of 90gsm white paper ruled with lines and a red margin.

Very, very pretty.  Just like you!  (Or handsome, if you prefer, sir.)

Covers are translucent, recyclable polypropylene, as are the discs.

Filled with our traditional high quality long-fibre ink-loving Forestry Stewardship certified paper that is ideal for wet-ink pens such as fountain pens and rollers.

Cover colours are:

  • Red (with blue discs)
  • Yellow (with orange discs)
  • Orange (with turquoise discs)
  • Green (with red discs)

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