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A4 Refill Calligraphy Practice

Product Code: 41525 In Stock
A4 Refill Calligraphy Practice

Product Information

Calligraphy Practice is a ruling for handwriting fetishists.  The extra lines allow you to practice lining up your ascenders and descenders so your ds and fs and ks and ls all soar to the same heights, and you ys and gs and js all sink to the same lows.

Now, look at your own writing.  It's rubbish, isn't it?  What would Miss Truculent in class 4B have to say about it now?

We don't stock notebooks with this ruling but you can build your own from parts by choosing some A4 covers and 11 discs.  

Or you can buy an A4 notebook in any style (blank is probably most appropriate), so lets say A4 Trad Lyon style with blank pages.  Take out half the blank pages, insert some Calligraphy Practice pages at the back of the book and away you go.  You can roll out a Calligraphy Practice page and insert it anywhere you need it so you can get your text just right before you try it freehand.


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