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A4+Plus Cover Set - Texon

A4+Plus Cover Set - Texon

Product Information

Our Texon covers are made from a tough manufactured material vaguely related to paper, but far more durable.  It is used in the manufacture of footwear and and leather goods, in areas normally unseen, but where strength and durability are vital.  Texon covers lend a notebook a rugged, purposeful, industrial look.

The A4+ set has front and back covers that are about 10mm wider than standard A4 to protect tabbed dividers and pocket pages.

We love 'em.  We have been using the same tan Texon covered notebooks with aluminium discs for 20 years, and they are holding up magnificently.  Over time they burnish and weather, but continue to look magnificent.

Texon covers are available in Tan, Black and Grey. They look great with aluminium discs, but other colours work well too - tan covers with dark blue discs, grey covers with black or translucent purple discs, and black, of course, goes with everything.

The front cover has the Atoma logo, and the back cover is blank.  Texon sometimes has an irregular colouration. Each side of the cover will have a different texture.  When you build your book, you will probably want to have the same texture facing outwards for front and back.


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