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A4+Plus Cover Set - Techno

Product Code: A4PLUSTECHNO
A4+Plus Cover Set - Techno

Product Information

 A4 Plus Techno covers are wider than standard A4 to protect tabs and pocket pages.  Each set has a front and a back cover.  In six delicious colours!

The main picture shows Orange, Raspberry, Plum, Blueberry and Lime.  The second picture shows Turquoise.  The other covers would not have it in the main picture because there is such fruit as a turquoise - there should be, but it would probably be toxic.

The third picture shows Toxic Turquoise with some disc candidates.  Sure, you could fit it with turquoise wheels, but lets have some fun!

Combine with 20mm, 24mm and 28mm discs.  Techno covers look especially great with our translucent and aluminum discs.

In the third snap, top to bottom we have 24mm aluminium, which always looks great, but doesn't really pop.  But check the 20mm Lime!  Finally, 28mm Urban Blue translucent provides a nice dark contrast for your fuller-figured, more voluptuous notebook.



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