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A4 Atoma Punch, 11 hole

Product Code: PUNCH In Stock
A4 Atoma Punch, 11 hole

Product Information

Atoma 11-hole punch calibrated for A4, A5, A6, US letter and Foolscap sized paper. Chomps up to 280gsm.  Weights 2.2 kg. Extends your reach by 300mm.  Capable of ending most disputes in the office.

Frequently asked question #1: Why is the punch so expensive?

Answer: A high-quality, 4-hole punch costs about $70 from the big stationery chains.  Most of the cost is in the dies, guides, and springs that punch the holes.  This punch makes 11 holes.  So doing the math, $70 / 4 x 11 = $195.  You pay by the hole...  While we dream of buying them in the same quantity as the big stationery chains, we must add a bit extra added because of freight and small quantities.  But mostly, it is because it makes more holes.



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