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A5 Address Book - Landscape

Product Code: 41657
A5 Address Book - Landscape

Product Information

Here's one for Grandma!  Yeah, I know - all your numbers are in your phone.  Well, that may or may not be a good thing.  This address book never runs out of batteries, and it probably will not be snatched from your startled hands by a punk on a skate-board at the railway station.  And - get this - you can put stuff in it without pecking at a tiny keyboard with your thumbs (pencil not included - but grandma already has a drawer full...)

Format is A5 landscape with discs on top. 

Includes a 9 tab A-Z index.  There are 144 pages, and each page holds 7 contacts with space for name, address email, phone, fax and mobile.  You have 14 addresses over a two page spread and yes, the addresses on the top page will be the right way up.

Red, Black and Clear polypropylene covers all have big matching discs so there is plenty of room for extra stuff and the pages have room to turn freely. 

Black covers are totally opaque, red covers are slightly transparent while clear covers allow you to have a page of frequently used numbers visible without opening the book.

The A5 outline includes the tabbed index, so A5 refill pages will fit, but they will obscure the index unless you snip about 10mm off them.  Use Grandma's pinking shears for a fun effect...  Because of the landscape layout, we recommend our blank refills.

You might want to add a bookmark ruler - helps to remember where you were without you having to leave your finger behind.


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