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A5 Songwriter's Music Notebook

Product Code: 41435
A5 Songwriter's Music Notebook

Product Information

Did you ever hear about the songwriter who decided to leave the house for a while?  Put on her Docs, spikey collar and some iron-on tats (ouch!) grabbed her little leather backpack, looked at her A4 Songwriter's Notebook and thought "Nah, won't fit, and anyways, I'm in a dry spell" and left it behind.  You can guess the rest of the story - steps blinking into the daylight, kicks her Hog into life, starts weaving throught the traffic and inspiration strikes.

This baggable version of the Songwriter's Notebook was invented to save you from that.  Small-bar table sized.  Folds back on itself so it fits in that tiny, pokey cafe table.  Did you bring a pen?  Nooooooo!

The Atoma A5 Music Manuscript notebook is has 120 pages of ink-friendly 90 gsm paper.  Each page has seven staves each with a lyric line, as well as a title line at the top.

The notebook also accepts our standard lined, squared and blank refills for class or teacher notes, lyrics, and other miscellanea.

Available in Chestnut*, Grey**, White***, Blue**** and sometimes Black.


* Ideal for country music - tt'll match your horse.

** Sadly not dappled, but, you know... moody.

*** Gospel?

**** Do I have to say?


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