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Prices: Australian Dollars


 The Basics

We aim to ship within two days.  We have chosen Australia Post as our shipping agent because it offers low cost and delivers pretty much everywhere.

We charge a flat $2 for packaging and handling.  We calculate the postage based on Australia Post quotes by the calculated weight of each shipment.  What you pay us is what we expect to pay them.  We do not intend to make a profit from postage and packaging materials.

An A4 notebook in a bubblewrap envelope with label, invoice and stamp weighs just over 500 grams.  If we take out some sheets, we can reduce your postage charges significantly.  We offer you this option when you buy a single A4 notebook and its packed weight is greater than 500 grams.  We estimate the number of sheets based on worst-case weight.  Usually, we can remove less to get under the limit.

If we are unable to deliver for any reason, (for example Wilbur Warehouseguy runs over the last box with the forklift truck) we will notify you immediately and offer you the choice of an alternative product, a refund, delayed shipment, or a credit voucher.

That was the exciting part.  The boring stuff follows.

Shipping within Australia

Goods for delivery in Australia are sent via Australia Post. 

Shipping and packaging depend on the weight and volume of your order. 

Our programming goblin has laboured hard to compute the best shipping method for each individual parcel. 

Some shipping options depend upon your postcode, so we cannot quote shipping until you have told us your postcode.   You can enter the postcode into the order summary page to get a quick shipping quote.

We do not mark up postage, and we compare the cost of a fixed price satchel to the "weight and distance" price quoted by Australia Post, then offer you the cheapest.

Small shipments

Some small shipments such as single A4 refills and A5 (and smaller) books can be sent as a large letter which is much cheaper than a parcel.  The definition of a large letter is that it is not much bigger than A4, less than 20mm thick, and weighs less than 500 grams.

Trading pages for postage

An A4 notebook weighs about 475 grams, which means that in an envelope, it will exceed the maximum large letter weight of 500 grams by 5 to 10 grams.  We offer you the option of having a few sheets removed from the book to bring the packed weight down to 500 grams.  Generally, we need to remove 5 of the 72 sheets, and the benefit is that the postage cost is halved.  You can choose to pay higher postage or buy a lightened book when you select the shipping method. 

Larger shipments

Shipments over 500 grams are sent by Regular Parcel Post, either in a box or in a fixed-rate satchel.  We display the estimated cost of shipping on the order summary page.

Orders over $50 will be registered.  Cost of registration is included in the shipping price.

International Orders

We ship to international customers.  International shipping prices will be quoted after you enter your address.

All payments must be made in Australian Dollars.


All packaging materials are new (except for cartons, where we sometimes reuse boxes we have received that are in good condition), and where possible, biodegradable or recyclable.  We want your goods to arrive in tip-top condition which means that they must be well protected.  We also want to minimize our environmental impact by reducing returns and replacements that result from poor packaging.  We believe that when it comes to packaging, more is less.

We use either strong cardboard envelopes or biodegradable bubble-wrap envelopes to protect smaller orders. 

Larger orders are shipped in cardboard shipping cartons packed with biodegradable beans or biodegradable bubble-wrap.

Your refills are packed in a thin plasic film to product them during storage and shipping.

What do do if your parcel arrives with obvious damage

We ask that you always notify us of packaging damage, whether the goods have been affected or not.  Please email us details of the damage.  A picture is worth a mess of words here, so take a snap of the parcel - a phone-camera picture is fine provided the damage is clearly visible, and email it to us along with your order number.  This will allow us to reassess our packing standards if necessary.

If you believe the contents are damaged, then you should contact us before you open the parcel.  We will tell you how to return the unopened parcel to us so we can deal with the shipping company.  As soon as we receive it, we will send you a replacement.

If you believe that the contents are not affected, then please take photographs of the parcel so we can see if we need to change our materials or delivery agent.  Then carefully cut open the package, doing as little damage to the wrapping as possible.  If the contents are intact, then email us the pictures and your order number.  If the contents are damaged, contact us so we can arrange return and replacement.