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How do I replace covers or rings?

So, Grasshopper, you have bought a set of eleven rings in lurid colours, and you want to install them.  How hard can this be?

Not very, But you must heed the words of The Master.

  • Lie the book open on a flat surface.  We want the spine to be flat, so move any fish-heads, stray ammunition, and other typical dining table clutter out from underneath.  We want flat.  Flat is good.
  • Check that the book is flat on the table.
  • Remove the pages in groups of five.
    • Get a grip on 5 pages at the top edge near the spine
    • Gently peel them down the spine from the top with your hand about 6cm above the book.  The paper will look like a U from the spine edge.
    • Lift one ring at a time.  Be gentle.  Give it time.
    • Repeat until all pages are out.
    • Estimated time - about a minute.
  • Pick up the cover, close the covers together, and remove the rings one at a time
    • It is hard to describe how to do this, but it involves rolling the rings sideways and twisting, while moving the ears on the cover. 
    • You should be able to do it without damaging the covers.
    • Estimated time - 1 to 2 minutes depending on how studious you are.
  • You now have:
    • A pile of paper;
    • A heap of rings;
    • Two detached covers.
  • To reassemble, we do the reverse of the above
    • Put the two covers together so the holes line up;
    • Roll the rings into the cut-outs from the side;
    • The ears on the cover will flex, but you can do this without kinking the covers. 
    • If you do kink, just straighten the ears once the covers are assembled.
  • When all the rings are in, lay the covers open on the hopefully still flat surface
  • Now pay attention!  If you don't think first and build later, you can end up with a sdrawkcab book.. 
    • Put in the first bunch of pages;
    • Then think about where the next bunch goes - front or back.
    • Sanity check - think again
  • Reinsert the pages 5 at a time: 
    • Line up the cut-outs - square the paper so the edges are aligned;
    • Place the page so the binding edge of the page is resting on the center of the rings
    • Push down either side of each ring.
  • About half way through:
    • flip the covers and most (but not all) of the pages back to the other side of the spine.;
    • It is easier to add pages if the rings that are not over-full on the side that you are adding to.
  • Voila!  You did it!  Now take a picture, give it a name, and send it to us (see Contact Us below) and we might add it to our Gallery.