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 - ATOMA Notebooks With Movable Pages -

Made in Belgium ~ Since 1948

Atoma's disk binding lets you replace shopping lists and pages of pure drivel with clean white pages full of promise from our refills - Your Atoma notebook can last a lifetime!
  ~ Atoma News ~  

Elegant Cream Paper Notebooks with Aluminium Discs and Deep Black Dappled Covers

Elegant style A5 Notebooks are availabe in any colour you like as long as it is black (I know, Henry said it first) with Blank, Squared, Dot Grid and Lined paper.  Refills are available now.


A4 and A5 Cream Paper Notebooks, Wearing Rich, Regal Ruitertassen Leather

Luxury Leather-clad A5 Notebooks are availabe in Natural, Scarlet, Jet and Belgian Chocolate, with Blank, Squared, Dot Grid and Lined paper.  Refills are available now.


Cream Refills, now with Dot Grid!

Available in A5 and A4

 Fluoro Notebooks Will Make Your Face Light Up!

Our Fluoro Notebooks can be yours!   Bright colours with contrasting disks - pretty much guaranteed to make you smile every time you pick one up!

Stripes Are Running Out!

Stripey A4 notebooks were $15.50, now $13.00.  Stripey A5 Notebooks were $9.50, now $8.00!  Get 'em while they last!



14 September 2015 - Atoma Notebooks and Refills Now Avaialble from Paperpoint in Melbourne!

Live in Melbourne? Get your Atoma from Paperpoint, 259 Coventry Street. South Melbourne, 3205.

8 June 2015 - New Fluo Notebooks

NEW!  Fluo notebooks with bright translucent colours and contrasting rings!  We have limited stock of these so tarry not, dear writer.

18 May 2015 - A4 Notepads

You ask, we deliver! We have A4 notepads (8 rings on top) with your choice of lined, squared and blank paper. Refills are available.

15 May 2015 - Legal Notebooks!

We have had Pro legal pads in stock for some time - now we have Pro legal notebooks too.  Available with squared or lined yellow paper, bound in our durable and businesslike Pro polypropylene covers.  We also have squared yellow refills.

15 May 2015 - 10x10mm Squares, 8x4mm Commercial Squares and Seyes-ruled Handwriting Training Refills!

We have some new rulings in stock:

    • 10x10mm Squares - a larger square suitable for architectural and other diagrams;
    • 8x10mm Commercial Squares - one-digit-sized squares for folk who really like their writing to line up;
    • Seyes Ruling - has extra horizontal lines to help align your handwriting's ascenders and decenders, i-dots and t-crosses, ideal for those who want to practice their handwriting and caligraphy.

15 May 2015 - Mighty Punch is in stock!

The Mighty Punch is back in stock.  And already selling fast, so if you want one, order it soon!

20 Jan 2015 - New Back To Class Bundles

Up to 17% off with our Back To Class bundles!  Four notebooks and a refill!

18 Jan 2015 - New! Pick-Up from Camperdown 

Our online store does not yet know it but we are offering an option to collect your order from Kennards Self Storage in Camperdown - close to Sydney University and UTS, three minutes walk from Parramatta Road, easy parking, open 7am to 7pm Mon-Fri (shorter hours on weekends.)

We will be updating our online store to handle it in the future, so in the meantime there are two options:

    • Contact us by email to create an order without postage;
      • You create the order but don't pay
      • We remove the postage before you pay
      • Benefit - you don't pay postage at all
      • Downside - more back-and-forth delays shipping
      • Suits occasional customers;
    • Create an order normally, add a comment that you want to collect;
      • Pay the full amount with postage
      • We give you a discount voucher for the postage for next time.
      • Benefit - faster order processing
      • Downside - you have to buy again to get your postage back
      • Suits regular customers. 

8 Jan 2015 - Normal Service Resumed

We have survived New Year with no more than the usual damage.  We are back to our normal shipping schedule, generally within 48 hours.

24th Nov 2014 - Hard Covers from Purple Cloud Bookbinding!

We have had many requests for hard covers and presentation-quality bindings for our rings and paper.  Our standard covers are designed for everyday, knock-about schoolcase use, but sometimes we want something a bit special  

We finally got out of our large, comfy executive chair and sought a partner who could fill this need to our satisfaction.  We are delighted to announce that our good friends at Purple Cloud Bookbinding are making fine hard covers designed for Atoma disks and paper.

They are hand made in Sydney by a specialist bookbinder from premium materials and can be built to order, with your choice of colours and finishes.  Or you can select one prêt-à-porter.

Load it up with disks and paper from and you have a notebook fit for the boardroom!

5th Feb 2014 - CD Wallets and pockets!  "Whoop-de-do" I hear you say, "What I need is somewhere to store all these downloads." Can't help with that, I'm afraid, but if you do have the odd CD or DVD that you need to store, then check out our CD wallets and CD pocket pages. The pocket pages go into any Atoma notebook so they are ideal for storing data disks with related documents such as tax returns and creative archives.

 Get the most from your post! Australia post sells postage in big lumps.  If you buy a couple of notebooks a 3kg satchel is often the cheapest way to send them.  Why not add some more stuff?  Our A7 and A6 notebooks are handy!  You can see the estimated shipment weight in Your Basket.

Atoma Notebooks with movable pages

...Mix paper styles, insert dividers, reorganize pages...

  • Each page is secured along its full length, every 25mm
  • Rings are rigid - don't crush like spiral wire binding
  • Pages are easily removed and replaced
  • Book lies flat when open, even when doubled back


How does it work?

  • Pages have Tee-shaped punches every 25 mm
  • Rings have a wide rim that fits the Tee
  • A4 pages are held by 22 claws
  • Remove pages by lifting the top and rolling down
  • To insert pages push down either side of each ring

The Rings

  • Solid colour, translucent, and clear polypropylene
  • Aluminium (left centre)
  • Biodegradable uncoloured plastic (centre)
  • 16mm size used for most notebooks
  • 24 and 28 mm available for archiving and albums

The Covers

  • BioAtoma recycled cardboard in soft natural colours
  • Professional and Executive in businesslike opaque polypropylene
  • Techno in bright translucent polypropylene
  • Polypropylene covers will last for years, allowing you to refill and reuse your notebook
  • Polypropylene is easily recycled (recycle code 5)

The Paper

  • 90gsm, engineered for writing
  • Bright white chlorine-free paper
  • Ruled 8mm with margin
  • 5mm squares
  • Intimidatingly blank
  • Music staves with lyric line