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Terms & Conditions


When you buy from us... are implicitly agreeing to our terms and conditions, which are listed below.  The purpose of the terms and conditions is to lay down in advance how buyer and seller agree to handle the unexpected.  We want you to be a happy customer, because happy customers come back for more.  We want to be a happy vendor, because happy vendors stay in business.

The wheels fell off

If a product is faulty, we will replace it or refund the value of the product and the difference it made to your freight.  The goods must be returned to us before we ship the replacement.  We will pay the return freight.  We ask that you contact us by phone, email, or the web site's contact page to discuss the packing and shipping arrangements.

That is not what I ordered!

If the product we send you is not what you actually ordered you should contact us to arrange a return.  We will send you the correct product, provided it is in stock, as soon as we receive, in resellable condition, the product which was sent in error.

I don't like it

We will happily exchange products, but you are responsible for paying the postage to return the goods to us, and also the postage for shipping the replacement back to you.  We ask that you tell us what you don't like about the product, and if there was anything we could have told you that would have informed you better.  The returned product must be received by us unused and in its original condition within 14 days of us dispatching it to you.  If the price of the replacement product is less than the original, we will give you a credit voucher for the difference.  If the price of the replacement is more than the original, then you must pay the difference.

Please note that colour representations depend very heavily upon your screen.  We match the pictures to the actual product images using a high-quality Apple screen, but we cannot guarantee that the colour you see is identical to the colour of the product.

My cat ordered it

If your cat changes its mind before we ship, we will reverse your order and give you a refund for the entire amount.  If we have already shipped the order, then we ask that you return the entire unopened shipment within 14 days at your expense.  We will refund the price of the product but not the cost of shipping.  You may want to restrict your cat's internet access.  If you change your mind about a part of the shipment, then see "I don't like it" above.  If we receive repeated cancellations for your orders, then we will assume that you are being subject to fraud and we reserve the right to reject further orders.

The post office dog ate it

If the parcel arrives with damage, or the goods inside are damaged, then please refer to our Shipping Information.  If you have repeated damaged or missing shipments then we reserve the right to (a) refuse to accept further orders, and issue refunds for existing orders or (b) insist on registered post delivery to an address other than a post office box for future shipments.

Accuracy of Product Information

We intend to supply you with the most accurate and descriptive information about our products that we possibly can.  If you feel the product has been misrepresented or inadequately described, then please send us an email (see Contact Us) describing your concern, and we will work with you to address it.  Information about materials and provenance is passed on from our suppliers.  We tell you what they tell us.

Changes to Prices

Prices can change at any time, depending on our supplier and infrastructure costs.  In particular, with imported products, prices are heavily influenced by exchange rates.


There is no guarantee that our products are suited to any particular purpose.

Any order, whether payment has been received or not, can be cancelled at any time at our discretion, for example because a product is no longer available or its specification has significantly changed, or because the product is no longer available at the quoted price.  Payment for cancelled orders will be refunded or credit voucher issued according to your preference.

Ownership of goods

Ownership of goods remains with Just The Good Stuff Pty Ltd until we receive cleared payment.