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Prices: Australian Dollars


So Chic! Pocket Notebooks
Stylish A6 memory-joggers for jacket and purse.
Four cover patterns in three colours.
Translucent covers in bronze, gold and silver (or printable facsimilies) and
120 pages of high quality white lined paper.
Celebrate! Notebooks
Sincerely cheerful? Ironic?  It's up to you...
These were created for Atoma's 70th Anniversary.
They have translucent covers in bronze, gold and silver (or printable facimilies) and
144 pages of high quality white lined paper.
Available in A4 and A5.
10x10 mm squares on white
Notebooks and Refills
Atoma (the real one, in Belgium) has had 10 x 10 grid ruled notebooks since forever, almost.
Now we have them too!
Presenting 10 x 10 mm Line Grid Notebooks In the Traditional Lyon Style
(Throws arns wide in a gesture of welcome to the sound of a jaunty trumpet fanfare)
They look like this:
Get 'em here:
A4 Traditional Lyon 10 x 10 Line Grid on White Paper
A5 Traditional Lyon 10 x 10 Line Grid on White Paper 
Refills too!
A4 Refill 10 x t0 Line Grid on White Paper
A5 Refill 10 x t0 Line Grid on White Paper

New Product! A5 DOTS with Techno Covers

Fresh off the plane - more on our FaceBook page.

Buy them here!


How Many Pages Does a 24mm Disc Hold?

You may well ask - I've dodged this one for a decade but my conscience finally got the better of me...

For the answer, see our Facebook page

Capacity, thickness and weights for 16, 20, 24 and 28mm discs

New Prices for Traditional Lyon and BioAtoma Notebooks!

And guess what! They've gone down!

Around 20% Reduction for Trad Lyon and BioAtoma - All sizes

And we didn't stop there - we restickered the White Paper Refills too.

New Punch!

And guess what else! It costs less than the old one!

Get it now!  Get it here!

The Atoma Meeting Book for when you ~almost~ need a diary

Now in! - A5 meeting books with Pur Leather covers!

The Atoma Meeting Book - an undated journal with easy-view calendars, year planner, business card page, notes pocket, bookmark ruler and 120 undated cream-coloured pages for meetings, phone calls and other journalalbe events.  Undated pages allow each day to use as many pages as required, including none (for those days when you actually get to do some real work.)  Each page has space for attendees, notes, actions, venue and date.

Availabe in A4 and A5, with lined or squared notes area.  Undated refills are available for lined and squared, in A4 and A5.

Your appointments and contacts, of course, live in your phone.

Abstract Notebooks with covers designed by Luc Vincent

Abstract Notebooks, designed by Luc Vincent, have covers in Warm (shown above) and Cool.  They are stuffed with our 90 gsm crisp white pages and feature transparent discs and a translucent back cover.

Available in A4 through to A7.

Elegant Cream Paper Notebooks with Aluminium Discs and Deep Black Dappled Covers

Elegant style Notebooks are availabe in any colour you like as long as it is black (I know, Henry said it first.)   Refills are available now.

Available in A4 and A5 with Blank, Squared, Dot Grid and Lined paper.

A4 and A5 Cream Paper Notebooks, Wearing Rich, Regal Ruitertassen Leather

Luxury Leather-clad Notebooks are availabe in Natural, Scarlet, Jet and Belgian Chocolate.  Refills are available now.

 Available in A4 and A5, with Blank, Squared, Dot Grid and Lined paper.

Cream Refills, now with Dot Grid!

Available in A5 and A4

 Fluoro Notebooks Will Make Your Face Light Up!

Our Fluoro Notebooks can be yours!   Bright colours with contrasting disks - pretty much guaranteed to make you smile every time you pick one up!